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Best Penis Enlargement Pills (UPDATE – 2019, July)

Do you know what unites the engine forcing and penis enlargement pills?

This is nitric oxide which actually works wonders. It is delivered into both forced engine’s cylinders and penile corpora cavernosa.

In both cases, you will regain the feeling of own superiority.
best penis enlargement pills

Initially, in my penis enlargement practice, I kept away from penis enlargement pills considering them a waste of money.

But then I tried Viagra for the first time in my life and realized how hard my erection was.

The manhood seemed visually bigger and stronger.

I liked that effect since my penis which was firm and maximally filled will blood gave me a boost of confidence.

My girlfriend also appreciated this.

It turned out that Sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra, increases the levels of nitric oxide in blood.

Nitric oxide makes more blood to flow to the penis. This leads to erectile tissue expansion. Interestingly, when blood fills the penis, nitric oxide storage in the walls of blood vessels is activated.

As a result, even a greater release of this substance happens.

By chance or not, but the Nobel Prize for NO discovery was awarded the same year when Viagra went on sale in the US.

The principle of penis enlargement pills’ action is exactly the same. But as opposed to Viagra, these pills are completely natural. They don’t cause headache and nasal stuffiness.

Which pills are worth choosing?

I made own ranking of 5 products which I liked most of all.

#1 VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus is really a ticking bomb. These penis enlargement pills not only help increase blood flow, but also enhance libido.

Icariin available in Epimedium leaf extract which is included to the product formula works similarly to Sildenafil but doesn’t cause side effects.

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#2 Male Extra

Have you ever heard that pomegranate juice has an influence on an erection similar to the Viagra effect? This was proved by the Scottish scientists from the Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh.

The experiment engaged 58 research volunteers from 21 to 64 years old who consumed pomegranate juice for 2 weeks.

During the study, it was found out that the 2-week juice intake has led not only to the improvement of erections, but also to the elevation of testosterone levels in blood.

Male Extra made use of the study results and manufactured penis enlargement pills which stimulate the nitric oxide production due to the action of pomegranate ellagic acid and the availability of an enormous dose of Arginine (the professional athletes like this ingredient for its pumping effect).

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#3 ProSolution

Prosolution penis enlargement pills are a worthy product which as a nitric oxide booster is though inferior to the first two products.

But it gives an effect which the men over 30 years old will definitely like.

Momordica, Cordyceps, Zinc, and Butea Superba available in its formula increase testosterone levels. For the men, this is a key to a high libido, strength, endurance, muscle growth, and satisfaction feeling.

I would recommend this product to everyone who lacks masculinity.

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#4 ExtenZe

Extenze is an old school male enhancement supplement. It is available on the market for a long time and greatly copes with its functions.

It makes penile corpora cavernosa perfectly fill with blood, as well as increases sex drive. I included it to the ranking as a budget pick. It’s a good product sold at an affordable price.

It’s also suitable for those men who are prone to allergies. I tolerated these penis enlargement pills best of all.

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#5 VigFX

VigFX is a product targeted on the enhancement of blood supply to the penis. I liked it but its formula seemed to me not as powerful as the formulas of VigRX and Male Extra.

I recommend it to the guys who have difficulties with swallowing big tablets. VigFX are the small capsules which are easy to swallow.

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Do Penis Enlargement Pills Works?

Thanks to all the extensive research and development done over the years in medicine and herbal treatments, penis enlargement has become possible without the risk of side effects. In fact, men now have different options to enlarge their penis naturally, without worries of side effects from penis enlargement surgery.

One of the safest solution for penis enlargement is the use of herbs. There are countless herbs used around the world by different natives in early days as aphrodisiac. And most of these herbs are researched and studied by the country government and ethnobotanist.

Following what our forefathers have been taking, which seems to work for them without side effects, is definitely one of the best option. So far, no serious side-effects have been reported for intake of herbs for penis enlargement purpose. In fact, many herbs found in penis enlargement pills also help to promote your overall general health at the same time.

Penis Enlargement Pills works by increasing blood flow to the penis, unleashing stored testosterone, and heightening sensation by activating the body’s natural hormone production and supplying vital nutrients necessary for peak sexual performance. Thus it helps to enhance sexual sensitivity, increase sexual stamina, and actually enhance your anatomy for greater sexual function.

But if you your primary objective is penis enlargement and you want it fast, then you have to combine pills with penis exercises. Vig-Rx and Penis Health are the only penis enlargement supplements and exercise program I personally use and can vouch for their effectiveness.

Here is the reason:

Penis enlargement exercises work on the muscle structures of the penis know as corpus canvernosum, which makes up 2/3 of the penis. Penis exercises develop and expand the spongy Corpora Cavernosa tissues (erectile tissues) of the penis, and our body will adapt to the expanded tissues over a period of time and thus the tissues will be able to hold more blood, making the penis larger permanently. By proper exercises, these muscles can be enlarged and developed, thus enhancing the size, strength, ability and circulation of your penis.

Penis pills helps by increasing blood flow to the penis and provide the necessary proteins, vitamins and minerals, for your penis cells to quickly and effectively repair and regenerate after the exercises.

Small Size Is No Longer a Problem

Despite a common belief that quality is more important than quantity, many men from time to time think of increasing their penis size at least by a few inches.

Moreover, these thoughts often arise regardless of the fact which penis measurements the man really has.

From a psychological point of view, it’s not difficult to understand such men’s desire.

And it can’t be called just a fancy or whim.

That’s first of all because this desire emerges on the subconscious level.

The more man seeks to take lead in the society the stronger such a desire is.

Often, men are convinced that they have a small penis even if this contradicts the reality.

As a result, the man feels unconfident when trying to build a relationship with the woman.

Such a man loses interest in sex life and has a low self-esteem.

Due to this, male sexual inferiority complex develops.

That’s why the penis size very frequently becomes one of the determinative factors for male personal self-fulfillment and self-identification.

Are Penis Enlargement Pills Effective?

The topic of penis enlargement pills is steeped in myths and wild guesses which often muddle the men’s mind. That’s why for men it’s usually difficult to make the right choice.
The truth is that not all penis pills are equally effective. If you want the pills you purchase work really well, use only the pills which include nitric oxide-boosting components.

Nitric oxide is an extremely important chemical compound without which the relaxation of penile blood vessels will not occur. This relaxation promotes the dilation of vessels and hence enables the manhood to contain a large amount of blood.

Also, the penis pills have a strong impact on the corpora cavernosa known as a kind of erectile tissue that resembles a sponge. Due to this impact, penile tissue holds more blood.

These effects of the pills result in the manhood enlargement in both circumference and length. But note that this increase in the penis size occurs only when the penis is in its erect state. The enlargement is accompanied with strong erections.

However, it should be mentioned that the male pills usually provide a temporary effect. It means that the increased manhood measurements will please you as long as you continue the pill intake. When you cease the intake, the gains will disappear.

How Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work?

The action of penis enlargement pills is targeted on the corpora cavernosa which is the sponge-like areas of erectile tissue available in the penis. These pills make the corpora cavernosa keep a larger amount of blood in the penis.

This effect is very important during sexual arousal when the blood flows to the corpora cavernosa and causes a hard erection.

Once you complete penis enlargement course, the dilation capacity of penile blood vessels located in the corpora cavernosa will increase.

So, the amount of blood that usually fills the penis during erection will also increase. And as a result, the penis in its erect state will become both longer and thicker.

How to Take Penis Enlargement Pills

The dose timing may vary and depends on the manufacturers guidelines.
Many penis enlargement pills have to be taken before the first meal to make absorption more effective.

Approximately 15 minutes before breakfast is the most suitable timing in this case. Such pills usually start working half an hour after the intake. The morning is also a great time for using male enhancing supplements since the men will feel energized throughout the day after the pill intake.

Typically, the supplements should be taken twice per day. And the man should do this at the same time every day. This will help restore the male sexual function more successfully.

The natural penis enlargement pills have to be used on an on-going basis to really repair male sexual disabilities. That’s why it’s important not to skip dosages. Of course, one missed pill will not hinder the supplementation efficacy.

But if the man skips the pills frequently, the supplementation will be useless.
It’s important to remember that dehydration brings the effects of male enhancement supplementation to naught.

The man who undergoes such supplementation should drink no less than 8 glasses of water daily. This will significantly improve the delivery of the active ingredients contained in the pills to the right places throughout the body.

Are Penis Enlargement Pills Safe?

Just take one male enhancement pill containing vitamins for ED on a daily basis and you will notice the improvement in your sexual potency and overall health very soon. If you want to purchase this highly effective vitamin for ED, you even should not go to the pharmacy. Thus, you can easily buy high-quality Vitamin B Complex from the reliable company online at the very affordable price. And male enhancement pills are the best choice for this purpose.

Yes, the methods we recommend are 100% safe. Achieving a thicker and longer penis is possible as long as you take the right route by using quality proven penis enhancement products and avoiding dangerous or unproven methods that we have mentioned above.

One product we recommend is the award winning SizeGenetics System. This is a clinically proven penis extender device, manufactured from Medical Type 1 materials in the EU.

Male enhancement pills have more medical backing than any other product on the market, is proven to add length to your penis and is recommended by some Doctors as an alternative to penis enhancement surgery.

Why Penis Enlargement Pills Are More Beneficial than Prescription Pills

A greater number of men are switching from synthetic prescription pills to over-the-counter manhood enlargement pills of natural origin. That’s because many men have already realized and appreciated the benefits of natural pills.

It’s a well-known fact that the prescription drugs ensure immediate effects. They cause a firm erection which is required for a good sexual intercourse here and now. But that’s all. Such drugs don’t change the manhood size.

As for the natural pills, they are first of all intended for the manhood enlargement due to the activation of natural mechanisms in the man’s body. The necessary manhood size changes happen mildly and safely.

But of course, it’s not the only benefit you can get when taking the natural penis supplements. Thus, these pills also restore the erectile function in men by strengthening the circulatory system in general and enhancing blood delivery to the genitals in particular.

In addition, these supplements revive sexual desire, brighten orgasms, bring endurance and stamina to a much higher level, fight constant fatigue and lack of energy, and enhance sperm quality.

Women’s Attitude towards Penis Enlargement Pills

The issue of taking penis enlargement pills by their men is quite divisive for the majority of women. Wild libido and sexual exploits are not the most important things women expect from their partners.

Your woman needs to feel your love first of all.

Women actually often worry about possible adverse effects which men may struggle with when taking male enhancers.

They are doubtful about safety of such products. But even this is not the greatest matter of anxiety for women.

By their nature, women tend to take the necessity to use penis enlargement products as referring to themselves. It means they start thinking that it’s something wrong with them.

Women simply lose faith in own beauty and attractiveness.

They believe that it’s because of them the partners can’t attain strong erections and have low sexual vigor.

Side Effects

Natural penis enlargement pills are typically comprised of non-artificial components with a scientifically proven efficacy. These ingredients are considered very safe. That’s why they feature a very low probability of the occurrence of side effects.

Though the natural remedies are harmless, they contain the active substances which may provoke allergies in individual cases. Allergies are unpredictable. So, if you are prone to unexpected intolerability when using both natural and synthetic remedies, you should be careful and contact a healthcare practitioner before the intake.

It’s strongly not recommended to take the all-natural penis supplements along with Viagra since such a combination can be fraught with severe adverse reactions.
Also, it’s necessary to back off from alcohol and abused drugs since their intake is related to the blood pressure fluctuations and the negative influence on the cardiovascular system as a whole. It’s especially important to meet this requirement if you are going to start the intake of natural pills for manhood enlargement. This will protect your health from dangerous contraindications.

How to Maximize Penis Enlargement Pills Effect

If you use penis enlargement pills of natural origin and think that you shouldn’t do anything else in order to improve your sexual potency and manhood size, it’s a mistaken approach.

The non-synthetic pills for manhood size increase actually give a boost to the blood circulation in the genitals. The more blood and nutrients are delivered to the penis, the better erections and penis size gains you can achieve.

However, if you really want to get the considerable results, your main target should be a constant maintenance of satisfactory penile blood flow. The only way to change the situation is to amend the lifestyle.

First of all, it’s necessary to fight bad habits such as smoking which is very harmful for the cardiovascular system. On the contrary, the refusal from this unhealthy habit will strengthen the circulatory system.

If you have extra pounds and especially obesity, you should start controlling your weight to ensure adequate supply of nutrients and oxygen to all organs in general and your manhood in particular.

Adherence to a well-balanced nutrition plan and workout routine is very important for the blood circulation even you your body weight is normal.

Tips on how to Choose Penis Enlargement Pills

At the present moment, penis enlargement pills are a dime a dozen. And though the demand for such pills is growing day by day, the supply is also forging ahead. The manufacturers aspire to be in the mainstream. That’s why they are up to every move on the market and constantly offer new pill options.

To get your bearings in a diversity of supplements, you not only should take some time but also stick to several tips.

  • Don’t believe very cheap deals: The high-quality, reliable member enlargement products can’t and shouldn’t be worth too little. A very low price for penis pills should always put you on guard.
  • Don’t purchase the pills from unknown places: Almost all supplements claimed to enlarge your manhood are sold exclusively by their manufacturers on the official websites. It’s strongly not recommended to purchase these pills somewhere else.
  • Don’t ignore the label: Lack of attentiveness often plays a malicious jest to many men who thoughtlessly buy the bottle of any pill without even reading what’s inside. If you familiarize yourself with this information, you will avoid many mistakes.
  • Visit the manufacturer’s website: The manufacturers of penis supplements always provide the most comprehensive information about their products. It’s very useful to get to know everything first-hand.
  • Take advantage of customer feedback: Impartial, honest customer reviews are a source of valuable information for the future customers. By considering the other people’s experience, you will be able to make a deliberate choice.
  • Heed the professionals’ advice: You should rely on the knowledge, skills, and experience of medical experts and listen to their suggestions when selecting the best remedies for your manhood.
    So, if you stick to the listed tips, you have excellent chances not to be deceived by dishonest manufacturers and the other law breakers. And of course, in such a way, you will avoid health risks.
Peculiarities of Pill Choice

Even the most advanced users of the supplements for manhood increase can feel confused in a diversity of the supplementation industry products. The manufacturing companies of course chant the praises of own products because their target is to sell as much pills as only possible. In addition, the product expansion never stops.

Though there is a huge range of the all-natural penis enlargement pills on sale, not all of these products deserve your attention. You should keep your eyes on the ball because a large number of dishonest manufacturers do their dirty deeds by selling the low-quality supplements. Such manufacturers betray trust of the customers without any scruples. That’s why you should be on the alert if you don’t want to get into a scrape.

It’s not so difficult to steer clear from the troubles with the supplement quality and efficacy as it may seem at first sight. The most important recommendation is to avoid purchasing the penis enlargement pills from the unknown companies on the doubtful websites. Maybe, you will find a very attractive price for the product you need on these websites. But that may be just a trap to make you purchase the pill. It’s a widespread practice of the unfair manufacturers and suppliers to ensnare the new customers with the knock-down prices. Not to become a victim of such manufacturers, you should buy the supplements only on the official websites of the well-established manufacturers.

Also, don’t leave unattended the information which you may see on the labels of penis enlargement pills of natural origin. Don’t be lazy to read everything written there. In such a way, you will surely know what is inside the supplement bottle. You will also understand which influence a particular pill may have on your overall health in general and penis measurements in particular.

In addition, it will not go amiss if you read unprejudiced reviews of the customers who want to share their experience of the manhood enlargement remedy use. By getting acquainted with their experience, you can choose really the best supplement.

Your healthcare provider may also give you some valuable advice with regard to the choice of the most reliable member increase pill.

Are the Supplementation Results Permanent?

If you are going to use the penis enlargement pills, you should firstly realize that they are just the natural products. They contain the all-natural components which can boost some natural processes responsible for the penis size gains. However, the supplements’ ingredients can’t provide the results which for example the surgical procedures give. While the latter ones ensure the permanency of the gains, the supplements can’t do this.
The non-artificial penis enlargement pills of even the most superior quality are able to maintain the enlargement effects only until the supplementation lasts. When you cease the intake of the supplements, the size gains disappear. That’s why you should look for the more drastic methods to change the manhood size if your goal is to have the permanent results.

Are Penis Enlargement Pills More Beneficial than Prescription Drugs?

The army of prescription penis drug admirers still accounts for the millions of men from all over the world. But the penis enlargement pills of natural origin also don’t trail behind the prescription medications.

The galloping demand for the manhood enlargement supplements witnesses the desire of men to replace the other, often unsafe methods to increase penis size. And the natural remedies serve as an excellent replacement option.

What attracts the men in the prescription pills is their instant efficacy. The effects of such medications imply the occurrence of rock-hard erection. It means that the prescription drugs make the erection possible when you plan an intimate date. However, the action of prescription medications is limited to the possibility of erections ensuring a sexual intercourse. These medications don’t have any other effects. And they of course don’t have any influence on the manhood dimensions.

As opposed to the prescription medications, the all-natural penis enlargement pills are designed in a way allowing the changes in penis measurements. These pills give impetus to the man’s body, urging it to increase the manhood size harmlessly and gradually.

The increase in member measurements is not a single advantage of the penis enlargement pills. Since these pills are imbued with the natural components, they have a very positive impact on the cardiovascular function in men. In particular, the blood circulation in the member becomes much more intensive. As a result, the natural remedies recharge the erectile function in their users.
There is also a range of additional advantages of supplementation. They include elevation of sex drive, more vivid orgasms, higher stamina and virile strength, absence of chronic tiredness, energy upsurge, and improvement of sperm characteristics.

How to Pick Penis Enlargement Pills

Since at the present moment the market of penis enlargement pills is very diverse, you may get in trouble trying to select the best pills. The manufacturers of such pills blow their own trumpet when advertising their manhood size boosting supplements. And the number of these supplements never ceases to grow.
Under these circumstances, it’s of course a great issue to make a really reasonable choice of the penis supplements which promote the member increase. Different swindlers use the men’s raised demand for the enlargement pills in order to persuade the customers to purchase the low-quality or even counterfeit products. And if you fall a victim to such swindlers, the results of these products’ intake may be unexpected.
If you don’t want to make a blunder because of a wrong choice of the penis enlargement pills, you should buy these remedies only form the trusted websites of the well-established manufacturers. The official websites of the most reliable manufacturers always contain complete and accurate information about the supplements. Thus, you will find there the information about pill formulas, dosage regimen, mechanism of action, availability of refund policy, and study findings concerning the pill efficacy.
In addition, it’s advisable to read the unprejudiced feedback from numerous pill users to form own opinion about the penis supplement safety and effects.

The Bottom Line

Penis size is a ticklish question for all men even if they try to fend this off. The most men aspire to have a thicker and longer manhood. And this fact is proved by the market which offers a countless number of options aimed at changing the member measurements given by nature.

Author: Douglas Adams
Douglas advises choosing the penis enlargement pills which contain the ingredients targeted on the stimulation of nitric oxide production.