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Male Extra

male extra
Each man aspires to astonish and bowl over his woman with the eye-popping measurements of his manhood.

Of course, sexual skills also play a very crucial role in sex life.
But nevertheless, the penis size is what matters for women first of all.

Numerous researches give evidence that women want to have the partners with a large manhood.

Thus, one of the latest anonymous surveys indicated that more than 83% of women would like to have a man with a bigger penis.

The Durex Condom Company also conducted a study which demonstrated similar results.

According to this study, 67% of women felt dissatisfaction with their partners’ penis size.

Fortunately, due to the work of Male Extra developers, this distressing situation is surely going to change for better.

The majority of penis enlargement pills feature one common disappointing problem.

That is, the quality of these pills is far from perfect because the manufacturers cut costs all round.

Thus, the manufacturers often don’t want to spend money on the top-notch tissue expanding ingredients.

But it’s not about Male Extra which is comprised of the most exclusive active substances.

On the contrary to many other pills which are claimed to enlarge the penis size, Male Extra includes ideally measured out doses of L-Arginine and Cordyceps.

Additionally, the pill contains a high amount of Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid which makes the product formula really unique.

Such a high concentration of this ingredient is what distinguishes this pill from the other similar products.

There are also other fast-working first-class ingredients which have a great ability to effectively expand shuttle penis tissues.

These ingredients reach the deepest tissues in 2 penile chambers.

Due to this, you will get the penis size you wish in a safe and natural way, without any extra efforts.

Male Extra penis enlargement pills are intended for you:

  • if you are not satisfied with the penis size and erection quality;
  • if your erection is not strong enough;
  • if early ejaculation doesn’t give you an opportunity to fully enjoy sex;
  • if you suffer from anxiety and frustration thinking that something will go wrong during sex.


Dosage and Administration

It’s necessary to take one pill twice per day.

The maximum daily intake is 4 pills.

The efficacy will be greatest if you take the penis enlargement pill while eating, for example during breakfast and dinner.

The pill ingredients are better absorbed with foods. There should be a few treatment courses.

One treatment course lasts from one to four months.

The course should be repeated twice per year.


You shouldn’t take the pill if you:

  • Have anatomical penile deformation including cavernous fibrosis, Peyronie’s disease, and angulation
  • Have arterial hypertension, unstable angina, and chronic cardiac insufficiency
  • Had cerebral vascular accident or heart attack in previous 6 months
  • Have hypersensibility to any drug ingredient


Side Effects

Male Extra doesn’t cause any unpleasant side effects.

Only allergic reactions are possible if you are sensitive to the pill ingredients.

Appreciate each minute of your life. Start enlarging your penis and improving sex quality in a natural and safe way with the help of Male Extra.